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Speakers’ Biographies & Abstracts

Prof Dr Alice Twemlow

Climate Justice Imaginaries Beyond the International Reference Meridian
(in person Keynote)

Alice Twemlow is a Professor in the Wim Crouwel Chair in the History, Theory and Sociology of Graphic Design and Visual Culture at the University of Amsterdam and a Research Professor at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK). Her research, situated at the intersection of environmental humanities, design history, and artistic research, addresses design and its aftermaths in the context of geological time, as it manifests, for example, in space junk and digital waste. With Design and the Deep Future, a long-term and collective project based at KABK, she aims to contribute alternative interpretations, interventions and imaginaries to climate justice research. Twemlow’s book, Sifting the Trash: A History of Design Criticism, was published by MIT Press in 2017.

Emeritus Professor Tim Ingold

Back to the Future with Care and Repair (Online keynote)

Tim Ingold, FBA, FRSE, is Professor Emeritus of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen. He has carried out fieldwork among Saami and Finnish people in Lapland, and has written on environment, technology and social organisation in the circumpolar North, on animals in human society, and on human ecology and evolutionary theory. His more recent work explores environmental perception and skilled practice. Ingold’s current interests lie on the interface between anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture. His books include The Perception of the Environment (2000), Lines (2007), Being Alive (2011), Making (2013), The Life of Lines (2015), Anthropology and/as Education (2018), Anthropology: Why it Matters (2018), Correspondences (2020) and Imagining For Real (2022).  

Speakers’ Biographies and Abstracts – All Hands on Deck 2023

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